Have a chip or cracked windshield? U.S Auto Glass can help you get back on the road as soon as possible. If you have a broken windshield, damaged side or rear window,  other Auto glass related issues, or simply want to drive in style and tint your windows, we have a solution that is fully customized to fit your needs. We have been in auto glass service since 2001, providing windshield replacement services to Tennessee residents for over 13 years. whether you need your windshield, side glass, back glass, quarter glass, vent glass, or mirror replaced, Our experienced technicians have years of experience to get the job completed professionally. Give us a call or request a free estimate now. Our professional auto glass repair technicians are here to answer your questions and to take care of your issue at no time.


  safety-signSafety comes first!. When it comes to safety, there is no room for error, that is why our dedicated, friendly and professional technicians do everything to make sure the job is done the right way with the highest standards. Our technicians are knowledgeable and dependable and will take care of all your auto glass needs, meeting all necessary safety requirements. We train and retrain our technicians with the latest auto glass industry safety requirements and procedures. This matter not only insures our customers safety, but also increases the quality of our work to the industry’s highest levels. 


lightning_fastUS Auto Glass values your time and our technicians work around your time to schedule an appointment that works the best for you. We will provide you with a free estimate and professional mobile installation at your location at no additional cost to you! Please call us now at 615-315-0091 to schedule an appointment. We will work hard to offer you quality service at an affordable price. we stand behind our work and do our best to build a strong ongoing relationship with our customers. US Auto Glass is all about quality auto glass service, affordable prices, safety and customer satisfaction.  

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